I’m in recovery for more than 6 months, I’m pretty good now, and all I want for you is to get better, so please honey stop hurting yourself you worth better than this <3 love all of you :)

otterlybesotted: you are wonderful and brave and strong and amazing. look at your fingers. wiggle them around, admire the fact that you are made of billions of tiny microscopic bits whose only job is to take care of you. inside of you right now are teensy tiny things that are working so hard to keep you alive. your body, scarred or not, perfect or not, is a wonder and a miracle. you are amazing and you'd better believe it. love you more than you can imagine. stay strong darling. xoxo

Thank you I really try to be strong and I try to stop cutting myself so thank you :) 

Anonymous: I was just wondering if anyone here has any knowledge on being admitted in a psyc ward. I attempted suicide last monday and they let me out of hospital, but I have been seeing and hearing things for the last two days straight and im suicidal again..

ohhh sorry I don’t know anything about it :/

It’s good if you are searching for help It’s a really good thing :)

good luck and be strong as you can <3

mentallyunstablelife: Are you there?

yeah, of course :)

what’s wrong?

failing-at-everything: Once you get this you have to say 6 random facts about yourself then send this to 10 of your favourite followers (:

1) I have a cat and a dog.

2) I love tv shows, in that moment I watch supernatural, TVD and Hannibal.

3) I really enjoy reading books.

4) I like tea but I prefer coffee.

5) humm… I smoke.

6) I listen to almost every types of music but I’m in love with rock/metal etc.. music.

upoqvsammivpoqu: Hello I’m Sammi. You’re an amazing individual - you’re certain to find somebody amazing who deserves someone as wonderful as you. Believe in yourself and think about the great positive achievements you have made, and are going to make. You’re evolving into something better everyday - it’s a natural process. Be proud of the compassion you show, even to those who may bully and demotivate you, that makes you better than them. You deserve to reach your amazing potential and feel awesome all the time

thanks that’s so wonderful what you said thanks a lot , I will do my best. :)

Anonymous: Help

I am here for you, what’s wrong? 

mentallyunstablelife: Hello. I have been trying, planning, thinking about my own death and no one knows expect from my 'friend' when I told her I was suicidal she didn't want to know me anymore... Help I feel so alone. It's not gonna get better.

Yeah I know how it feels …

It’s hard but you can get better, Don’t worry if you need I am here, you can talk with me anytime you want :)

Be strong <3

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